Step 1: Imported GI/MS Coils are the starting raw maetrials for our water heaters.Pictures here are neatly stacked GI(galvanized) coils.

Step 2: Our fully automatic IGBT technology based Cut-to-Length Coil Service Plant is used for the converting teh coils into sheet pallets.

Step 3: The raw material i.e CR and GI sheets in neatly stacked pallets to be used for geyser tank(inner & outer) construction.

Step 4: The sheets are further cut using our automatic sheet-shearing machine into various sizes according to different models.

Step 5: After pressing the domes are neatly stacked for welding into finished geyser tanks.

Step 6: The outer CR tank is Powder Coated electrostatically with High gloss epoxy polyester to provide long lasting defence against corrosion.

Step 7: This photograph shows an assembly line finished electric water heaters waiting to be packaged.

Step 8: Each DANA Electric Water heater is carefully packed in attractive tamper resistant boxes and lined up for delivery to our valuable clients.

Step 9: Delivery deadlines are effecitively met by our efficient transport fleet.