December 2011:- DANA Group resumes Libyan operations and actively participates to Rebuild war-torn Libya

DANA Group resumes Libyan operation and helps Rebuild war-torn Nation

Since February 2011,DANA’s Libyan operations had been on a standstill due to the ongoing conflict.However even during the war the Group has helped innocent Libyans in more than one ways by supporting their families,and also funding education of Libyan’s who were studying abroad during these tough times.

Having worked in Libya during his initial 15 years of career,group MD Dr B.S Dana was quoted saying -“Libya has been a building block for our Group,and we never can leave the country in thick or thin.Even during the conflict we were in touch with our Libyan friends,and extended full support to their families in fulfilling their needs.Now as the conflict has ended,we have restarted full-fledged operations and aim to participate in the Country’s Growth & Development.We have already executed more than USD 5 million foodstuff supply at subsidized prices in November alone.It was a sound decision to keep our libyan facilities intact and maintaining constant relationships with all our stakeholders.We shall definitely get a head start in the new Libyan Era with our strong regional presence and longstanding reputation”.

After resuming trading business,the manufacturing facility will also resume operation within a month’s time.DANA Group shall endeavor to put in substantial investment in growth and development of the Nation.

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