May 2010 :- DANA Group(UAE) adds “Profiles & Cladding Division” as another feather to it’s VALUE-ADDED Steel Products Range.

DANA adds PROFILES & CLADDING DIVISION to it’s value-added steel products range

In the continuous endeavor to value-add steel,DANA has forward-integrated “PROFILES & CLADDING ” division into it’s diverse value-added steel products portfolio.

Having installed a state-pf the art continuous sandwich panel forming line,along with ancillary machinery to produce all related accessories viz. profiled cladding sheets, secondary structural members, Wall Cladding Sheets, Roof Cladding Sheets, Curved Cladding Sheets, Flashing Sheets, Sandwich Panels, Flat Panels and Cold Store Panels and all kind of accessories.

Complete details & E-catalog can be downloaded from :-

DANA Profiles & Cladding Division ( UAE/INDIA/QATAR)

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